When do you need a civil lawyer?

Jun 24, 2020

When do you need a civil lawyer?

When there is a problem that affects the civic life, such as a criminal, family, commercial, or property case. It is always recommended to take advice from a lawyer, and if required, to be assisted by one.

The civil lawyer will support you in a legal process that can be complicated to resolve or intimidating because of the whole procedure itself. That is why at PL & ILO we are willing to advise you in any circumstance that may arise, with honesty and clarity above all.

In which situations can you rely on a lawyer specialized in the area? Below are some cases:

– Traffic accidents:

When an accident is suffered, the civil lawyer helps with the compensation procedures that may correspond to temporary or permanent disability, as well as the assessment of the consequences and the relevant economic damages. Similarly, if no agreement is reached with the insurance company, you can make a claim through a judicial or extrajudicial process.

– Banking and Mortgage:

If you have difficulties in the Banking and Mortgage area, related to banking contracts and conflicts, as well as bank and mortgage foreclosures and debts. They will offer you specialized assistance in foreclosure procedures and out-of-court negotiations, as they will cover all regulatory and legal aspects of the sector.

– Family Law:

They will assist you with the necessary advice and support in family matters, such as:

  • Adoption
  • Domestic, psychological or physical violence
  • Marriage, divorce or separation
  • Settlement of community property or separation of property
  • Child custody
  • Alimony

– Medical malpractice:

In cases of inexperience, error in diagnosis, imprudence or lack of medical treatment or intervention without proper information of the risks involved. A specialized lawyer can claim compensation for temporary or permanent damages or consequences affecting a person’s life.

– Inheritance and Succession:

They assist and resolve conflicts when making an inheritance and drafting a will.

– Civil contracts:

They defend the rights of breaches of contract, evictions, loans, as well as guarantees, purchase and sale.

When you contact us, we will offer you specialized attention with highly trained professionals to support and assist your requirement, with honesty and commitment. Therefore, if you wish to solve a doubt or conflict, you will find in our page all the contact information. Remember, we are at your disposal and service.


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