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“I live in California and I was referred to Person Law office by Miami Bar association. MR. Mathew Person, lawyer, spoke to me. I explained to him my legal issues that I was having in Miami, he proceeded to advise me of my legal rights and explained, in a very clear manner, all legal approaches. He put together a plan to resolve the issues and it worked. I recovered everything that I had lost now I can move on. I highly recommend Matthew Person, and his stuff they provided me with the best legal service.
Thank you kindly Matt.”

Tony C. 5/2/2020

“Person Law helped us navigate complicated business architecture and partnership agreements in order to start our engineering firm. Their strategic approach to addressing all of our needs and protect our interests in a wide variety of markets has added unmeasurable value to our position. They are truly worthy of being a trusted advisor to any organization and will continue to be ours for years to come.”

Daniel B. 4/30/2020

“Great personalized service –
They provide great guidance through my legal process.
Sometimes a legal process can be overwhelming but their staff breaks it down in very simple steps and guide you (while you do a million questions).
They also have bilingual staff so you can be comfortable speaking in Spanish or English (lo que lo hizo mucho más sencillo en determinados momentos del proceso)

Thank you!!”

Carla B. 4/12/2020

“It’s hard nowadays to find a good honest attorney, to help out in matters dealing with your business.. I’m a small business owner who came across some legal issues, and in the past I’ve always noticed this is a time where most would take advantage of one situation.. I can honestly say, I was more than impressed with Person Law. Matt Person took the time to meet all my required needs and was very affordable. I wouldn’t hesitate twice in reaching out to Mr. Person for all my legal matters. Thanks again Team for all your hard work.”

Eric E. 4/10/2020

Personalized and Professional Representation

When life throws unexpected challenges your way, you need a compassionate lawyer standing by your side. At Person Law Offices, we take pride in representing immigrants, families, and small business owners in Miami, Florida, and we’d love to represent you, too.

By working with Person Law & The Immigration Law Offices of Matt Person, you get more than professional legal representation. With offices in Miami, we have lawyers who are focused on your vision, opportunities, issues, and challenges. We’ve been practicing law, the way it should be practiced, since 2013. We’re waiting for your call.

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Haitians, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans, and Cubans Sponsorships

Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan nationals, as well as members of their immediate families, may now request to enter the United States in a secure and orderly manner according to procedures made public by DHS. On a case-by-case basis, it may be decided to grant advanced travel authorization and a temporary parole period of up to two years to qualified beneficiaries who are abroad without U.S. entry documents if there is an urgent humanitarian need or a major public benefit.


Whether you’re seeking assistance with navigating the immigration process in the United States, understanding your rights in a family law case, or exploring your options to avoid bankruptcy, our immigration, family, and civil law attorneys have the skills, experience, and track record to handle your case with the highest standards of diligence and professionalism.

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At Person Law & The Immigration Law Offices of Matt Person, we are, first and foremost, an immigration law firm. As your immigration lawyers in Miami Fl, United States, we know how important your immigration status is to your future. We understand that you need a highly qualified and honest immigration attorney who will know how to answer your questions and let you know your immigration options. Immigration laws can be demanding, complex, and undergo frequent changes. That is why the best solution is to consult a Miami immigration attorney to provide the support and proper guidance for your immigration application.

An immigration attorney can help you and your family immigrate to the US, prevent the deportation process, assist in extension of stay, or with obtaining a green card. We are committed to helping you and your family begin your pursuit of the American Dream as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our immigration attorneys are dedicated to assisting foreign nationals in navigating each step of the complex immigration process through innovative and personalized legal guidance and representation. A Miami immigration attorney can also provide translation services for all necessary documents to our clients.

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Family Law

Family law matters are among the most sensitive legal areas in the United States, and having a compassionate lawyer by your side to represent your family’s best interests is essential. Whether you are facing divorce, separation, child custody disputes, child support/alimony issues, or any other family law challenge in Southern Florida, we can help. Let our trusted family law attorneys evaluate your situation and develop a solution that best fits the needs of all involved.

Civil Law

Struggling small business owners need a legal expert they can count on. At Person Law Offices, we strive to be just that. As expert litigators with extensive expertise in real estate, commercial law, and landlord-tenant management law, our civil law attorneys are committed to helping small businesses find a comprehensive solution to their financial difficulties. We specialize in small business mergers and acquisitions and alternatives to bankruptcy to ensure a smooth and effective exit strategy and can offer a wide range of civil and business litigation services to meet your legal needs.

Begin Your Journey Forward Today

At Person Law Offices, we are a new kind of law firm for a changing world. We are consistent, patient, and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves with no silly charges for an evaluation. An integral part of our services is to work closely with our clients so that they can make the right decisions with respect to their legal needs.

No matter your legal issue, we’re here to help set you forward on the path to success. Contact us today at (954) 405-3537 to schedule a free consultation.


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