Your Guide to Hiring the Top Civil Lawyers in Miami

   The best Miami civil lawyers will have the skills and experience to advocate for you when facing a business, family, or immigration law dispute. Learn more here from Person Law Offices’ civil litigation team.

Looking for the Top Civil Lawyers in Miami?

A civil attorney or litigator is a lawyer that a client hires to pursue or defend themselves from a civil lawsuit in court. Civil lawsuits can occur in many areas of law, but they are most often brought forward in an attempt to recover property or money.

A person can be sued or sue someone for a legal dispute in any area of non-criminal law. If you believe you have been wronged financially or any other way, it is a good idea to consult a professional, experienced civil lawyer to assess your case to see if and how they can help. A Miami FL civil law attorney will specialize in a range of areas including employment law, personal injury law, immigration law, landlord/tenant law, family law, real estate law, business and finance law, and more.

If a business or another person sues you, it is best to consult with a civil litigation law firm to see what the best course of action to take is. Ignoring the situation or delaying a response can have drastically negative effects on your defense. At Person Law Offices, we specialize in a range of civil law practice areas, including family law, business law, and immigration, and our civil lawyers are prepared to skillfully represent you at all stages of your proceedings and to handle a variety of civil litigation matters in a skillful and efficient manner.


Choosing a Civil Litigation Attorney Miami

Civil litigation refers to the wide range of legal conflicts where a person may receive compensation or legal relief from another party in civil court. A civil case can involve businesses or individuals, monetary injuries, physical injuries, wrongful actions, and other situations.  If you are facing any of these legal issues, you need the best civil litigation lawyer Miami has to offer on your side.

Unlike in criminal cases, you do not have the right to a court-appointed attorney when facing a civil lawsuit. The opposing side will likely have a strong team of litigators behind them, and hiring a private lawyer is an essential step in leveling the civil litigation playing field.

You should choose a civil litigation law firm in Miami, FL that has the ability and knowledge to handle civil litigation matters skillfully and efficiently. They should be able to represent clients in both simple and complicated cases. As the civil litigation lawyers Miami trusts, we at Person Law Offices have extensive experience handling a wide range of civil lawsuits, and we want to help you, too.

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Filing a Civil Lawsuit Florida

Civil cases are generally between individuals and/or businesses and involve conflicts over money. When a person or business believes they have been harmed, they can take it up with the court. Then, the civil law system will look at the case.

A civil litigation lawyer in Miami should be able to regularly handle cases involving the following:

  • Immigration Law – Immigration law is anything that involves the entry of persons into a country who come from or were born in another nation and whose displacement could require changes in residence on a temporary or permanent basis. A civil litigation lawyer specializing in immigration can assist with any legal procedures involving U.S. residency, green cards, and citizenship.
  • Family Law – You should never leave your family’s future up to the family court system. When you hire a family law attorney, you’ll receive compassionate and professional legal guidance in all areas of law regarding the family unit, including divorce, separation, child support, child custody, prenuptial agreements, adoption, and more.
  • Serious Personal Injury – Anyone can suffer life-changing or serious injuries in the blink of an eye. These are often the result of car accidents, medical malpractice, or violence among many other things. If you find yourself in this situation your chosen attorney should help you seek compensation from anyone who intentionally or negligently caused these injuries.
  • Dangerous Products – Sometimes a company sells a defective or dangerous product, resulting in death or injury of a consumer. When the company fails to warn about or recall the product, they can be held responsible for those injured. Your attorney can help you go up against a dangerous product and the corporation that sells it.
  • Intentional Harm – When someone intentionally causes harm – whether it be emotional, financial, or physical – to another, they have committed an intentional tort and are responsible for any losses as a result of their actions. A good attorney can help a client recover from assault, invasion of privacy, trespass, fraud, defamation, and more.
  • Inadequate Security – When a business does not have adequate security for its patrons and visitors, harm can occur. Forms of security can be guards, cameras, secure areas, lighted areas, and more. Negligent security can lead to robberies, assaults, or injuries. Businesses that are commonly responsible for inadequate security are nightclubs, shopping malls, bars, apartments, and hotels.
  • Corporate Fraud – Just like individuals, businesses can engage in fraudulent actions that cause harm to individuals or other businesses. This fraud often results in financial harm. Corporate fraud often involves intentional misrepresentations, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, and insurance fraud. Attorneys will be able to handle complicated cases that represent shareholders or clients harmed by businesses or corporations.

When you are filing a civil lawsuit in Florida, you are the plaintiff. If someone has filed a suit against you, you are the defendant. In some cases, an injunction must be filed to stop the action from occurring. If you are faced with a lawsuit, it’s always best to retain a South Florida civil litigation lawyer to determine your best course of action.

What to Expect From a Civil Attorney Miami

What to Expect From a Civil Attorney Miami

It is important to hire a civil litigation attorney in Miami who makes their clients a priority and does not treat them like just another case file number. They should have a client-focused philosophy and respond to all communications promptly and professionally. The attorney should be prepared to answer all your questions and defend you in civil court to the best of their ability.

When you work with a civil or commercial litigation law firm, they will handle all aspects of your case and do the following:

  • Build your case by interviewing you and others, like witnesses
  • Conduct depositions of you and other parties to be used as evidence
  • Handle all correspondence whether it be from the other party’s attorney or the court
  • File briefs, motions, or other documents on behalf of the client for court
  • Serve discovery requests and make a discovery plan
  • Engage in negotiations for settlements
  • Present your case before a judge
  • Hire witnesses to testify about any concerns in your case

You should have ultimate control over your lawsuit. Specifically, you should decide when to file a suit, who to file it against, and when to settle through negotiations while trusting the advice and input of your attorney when it comes to legal decisions and strategy.

The cost of a civil litigation attorney depends on a number of factors, including the area you’re located in, how experienced the attorney is, how complex the case is, and the amount of time it takes to resolve the case. Your attorney’s cost may also be affected by the fee structure you choose.

If your case is taken on a contingency basis, it means your Miami civil law firm will earn an agreed-upon percentage of whatever funds are recovered. The percentage is often around thirty percent. You may also pay an hourly fee. Some attorneys may also charge a flat rate. When you book a free consultation with Person Law Offices’ Miami civil litigation lawyers, we can give you a better idea of how much our services will cost so you can make an informed decision about your legal options.

Reach Out to the Best Miami Civil Lawyers

If you are considering filing a civil lawsuit in Miami, Florida, you should seek the help of a civil law attorney. They can help you go through the complicated legal system and ensure that you take the necessary steps to win your case and that you do not miss any important deadlines.

A South Florida civil law firm can also help determine how successful your case will be if you go to court. If you are being sued, you should immediately speak to a lawyer and respond in the appropriate time frame.

A skilled civil litigation lawyer should provide aggressive representation to protect your rights and interests and uphold a strong commitment to helping clients who have been injured, wronged, or accused of doing wrong. When you work with Person Law Offices’ trusted civil litigation lawyers, you will enjoy all of these features and more.

If you’re ready to begin exploring your civil litigation options, Person Law Offices can help. Standing among the best civil lawyers, we have the skills, resources, and experience to give your case the specialized attention it deserves. Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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