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Choose a trusted and highly-rated Doral FL Divorce Attorney from Person Law Offices to be there through this emotional and potentially financially draining time.

Work with a Compassionate Divorce Attorney in Doral Florida

Divorce is never an enjoyable prospect, but if it is in your future, you want a Doral Divorce Attorney who is compassionate and fair. Numerous difficult issues are going on throughout the divorce process from the tactical (changes in finances and living arrangements) to the emotional. 

With thorough preparation and decisive representation, the ideal Family Law Attorney will treat you respectfully as you convey your story and seek the best possible outcome to this difficult phase. At Person Law Offices, we will provide the answers and advocacy you need.


A Divorce Attorney from Doral Explains the Process

To begin the process of dissolution of marriage, your family law attorney will help you prepare and submit a “petition for dissolution.” Once you pay a filing charge to the circuit court where the petition was filed, a summons informing that the case has been initiated will be provided to your spouse. Depending on the details of your situation, you have a few options available.

Also, according to Florida laws, if one spouse believes they will need financial support from the other spouse, a judge can award alimony payments. The spouse requesting alimony payments has to prove that a need for alimony exists and that the other spouse can make alimony payments. The goal of paying alimony is that the other spouse can maintain the standard of living they had become accustomed to during the marriage.

Alimony also involves other factors, including the income of each spouse, expenses, earning abilities, and marriage length. Although there are several types of alimony payments in Florida, the court can also decide to award no alimony or combine different alimony categories. The help of an Alimony Attorney, Doral Florida, can be invaluable during these proceedings.

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Doral Florida Attorney for a Simplified Divorce

In some instances, Doral Divorce Lawyers will recommend that you pursue a simplified divorce as it is the fastest and least expensive. The Petition for Simplified Dissolution of Marriage Form and Instructions are available online.

To qualify for this type of dissolution, you and your spouse must meet all of these family law requirements.

  • Marital settlement agreement completed by both parties
  • No minor or dependent children from the marriage 
  • No unresolved financial obligations
  • One or more parties have been Florida residents for at least six months, leading to the date of the filing
  • Residency is corroborated by a witness
  • Wife is not pregnant
  • Written property division agreement filed with the court at the initial appearance

You and your spouse will need to appear before a judge for a final hearing to affirm that the marital relationship is irretrievably broken. It is at this phase the final dissolution of marriage is granted.


Doral Florida Lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce

Read through our blog to determine whether we are the right Doral FL Lawyer to represent you in an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is an option when a couple agrees on all essential matters concerning the case like child support, custody, visitation, and property division. Once there is “total agreement,” you and your spouse can submit a joint petition with a copy of their written and signed agreement. An uncontested divorce is a smoother and, therefore, less expensive option than one that is argued in the courts. The necessary forms and corresponding instructions are provided by the State of Florida, and a Family Law and Divorce Lawyer can help you complete and file them.


Doral Florida Lawyer for a Contested Divorce

By family law, you will require a Doral FL Lawyer if your divorce is contested. With complex child custody or family disputes, complicated division of assets, or a general inability to agree, you would benefit from our servicesIn a contested divorce, the circuit court will make the decisions for you. Although this alternative is usually the most prolonged and costly, it is the best way to ensure that both parties get to tell their story and present evidence.

Hiring a Doral Florida Divorce Attorney

Hiring Experienced Divorce Attorneys

When hiring a Divorce Lawyer, it is beneficial to establish a strong relationship with a compassionate and experienced law firm specializing in a variety of marital and family law practice areas

At Person Law Offices, we take pride in the one-on-one connection we build with each of our clients, which is crucial during this difficult time. We have great respect for the law, and if you are considering getting a divorce or have already begun the process, you need a sympathetic counselor who will pursue a fair resolution so you can get on with your life.

Contact Divorce Attorneys in Doral FL from Person Law Offices for legal advice and high-quality, personalized legal representation today.


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