Judgment Collection

Do you need to make a Judgment Collection in Florida?

The process of collecting judgments and fees can be very troublesome, more than 50% of judgments go uncollected, and you don’t want that! In Person Law & Immigration Law Offices we have the best professionals to help you recover your unpaid fees, invoices, debts, and judgments. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a company, our team has the expertise to overcome any obstacle and recover your funds.

Our service is perfect for clients that have a judgment or fee against a debtor but didn’t get the chance to collect it. Our lawyers take all the legal steps necessary to get your money and obtain the best possible results. 

Are you interested? Contact us at (786) 310-7484 and we will be happy to help you.

What are some of our services?

Collection of judgments.

Collection of legal fees.

Collection of commissions.

And more…

To ensure that the collection is carried out...

Our professionals have contact with the best investigators in the area, and with the use of cutting-edge technologies, we will be able to resolve the process quickly.


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