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As an immigration lawyer Miami, we at the Immigration Law Offices of Matt Person are dedicated to helping you and your family immigrate to the United States and live, work, and thrive here.

Your Immigration Lawyer IN Miami

When your right to live in this nation is on the line, rather than taking chances, you should retain an Immigration Lawyer in Miami to guide you through the process. Many Miami attorneys deal with immigration cases, but few have the skill and experience we offer at Person Law Offices.

Immigration law is complex and ever-changing, and residents who aren’t United States citizens should seek the advice and advocacy of an immigration attorney in Miami if they have been accused of or charged with breaking the law. Even something as simple as failing to comply with traffic laws can result in arrest and detainment for anyone who is out of status. 

If you’re not a U.S. citizen, it’s essential to reach out to an immigration attorney who can help you avoid negative immigration consequences.


Immigration Lawyer in Miami Florida

An immigration lawyer in Miami Florida can assist you with a variety of immigration law matters from obtaining a waiver to get around rules that prohibit you from living in the country to filing the paperwork to bring your family here. We help our clients with family immigration, business and immigration matters, and in dealing with the immigration implications of criminal charges that may have caused you to be detained.

At Person Law Offices & The Immigration Law Offices of Matt Person, our attorneys also have experience in small business law and can help you open or continue to operate your business in this country.

We understand how to deal with complex cases. Our Miami immigration law firm advocates for those who are dealing with a difficult immigration case, regardless of your nationality. We focus our advice on your individual situation and your best interests. 

Call us and retain our legal services today if you seek to establish legal residency in the United States.

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An Immigration Attorney Miami Who Understands

As Miami immigration attorneys, we understand how it feels when you need to leave the nation you love. Members of our team here at Person Law Offices have faced the same situation and come to thrive in the United States. We are knowledgeable legal representatives that will fight for you in this tough circumstance and do everything we can to keep your family together or reunite you.

Immigration Attorney Miami FL

When seeking permanent residency, it’s natural to have a lot of questions. An immigration attorney serving Miami, FL can answer them including, “How can I migrate to the U.S. legally?”

There are many options with varying levels of complexity. For example, a business immigration lawyer is crucial in the process if you wish to transfer to the U.S. for work. You might look at an H1B visa, which is for certain specialty workers.

But, each person’s circumstances are different, and depending on your career path, family connections, criminal record, and more, various options may be better or worse suited to you. Our immigration practice will help you understand what may work best and assist you in the complex immigration application process.

Family-Based Immigration Lawyer in Miami

A family-based immigration lawyer can help United States citizens and permanent residents lawfully bring their immediate family members to the country with Family-Based Visas. There are no family-based visa quotas, but not everyone will qualify. Immediate family members include the following:

  • Parents of U.S. citizens over age 21
  • Spouses
  • Unmarried children under age 21

U.S. Immigration attorneys can explain the complicated regulations and steps for Family-Based Immigration, as well as advise and assist in completing and filing the paperwork.


Work with the Best Immigration Lawyer in Miami

Undocumented immigrants often deal with consequences that permanent residents or those with status never face, so they are more likely to require top legal representation. An immigration lawyer in Miami can help if you have been detained by the police or ICE and are facing deportation.

Any conviction or assumed illegal activity can seriously affect your capacity to stay in the United States legally and might be grounds for instantaneous deportation. Qualified immigration attorneys have experience planning a comprehensive defense and will provide advice and advocacy throughout your immigration case.

Unlike in the criminal court system, public defenders are not provided for immigration court – so it is on you as a detainee to acquire a legal representative for the criminal defense of yourself or your family member in Coral Gables, FL


Best Immigration Attorney Miami

If English isn’t your first language, the best immigration attorney for you will be bilingual and either speak your native language or have interpreters available. When dealing with legal matters, it’s important to ensure there is no confusion regarding your rights and responsibilities as you wade through the complex issues that only attorneys in Miami will understand.

At Person Law Offices & the Immigration Law Offices of Matt Person, our team is bilingual and fluent in English and SpanishOur lawyers and staff will listen to your immigration needs attentively and collect the information needed to help you apply for your citizenship, permanent residency, visa, or whatever else you might require. They will be capable of explaining the immigration process in a manner you can understand and will also be able to assist you in remaining compliant with immigration requirements while you pursue U.S. citizenship.

Immigration Lawyers in Miami

Immigration Lawyers in Miami and Naturalization

If you have chosen to pursue U.S. citizenship, our immigration lawyers in Miami Dade County will lead you through the immigration and naturalization process. We help foreign nationals with a variety of legal issues from adoption to apprehension by ICE. We take quick action to attain the best possible outcome.


Best Immigration Lawyers in Miami

The best immigration lawyers in Miami Beach will have experience in practice areas that enable them to handle a range of immigration cases. If you are searching for an attorney, make sure they cover your particular situation. That might include one of the following citizenship and immigration services:

  • Adjusting one’s immigration status
  • Citizenship naturalization
  • Deportation defense
  • Green Cards
  • H 1B
  • Helping families immigrate
  • Immigration and obtaining a Green Card
  • Immigration Services with USCIS
  • Labor certification
  • Obtaining employment visas
  • Obtaining travel visas
  • Obtaining visas for students and workers
  • Preventing deportation
  • Verifying legal status

Whether you need help completing and submitting your immigration applications or require removal defense after removal proceedings have begun, choosing the right Miami Dade County Immigration Lawyer for your individual case can be difficult. There are many successful strategies for every person pursuing legal status in the U.S., and determining the right one for your situation may be difficult. Having an experienced immigration attorney will simplify the process and allow you to avoid the potentially dire consequences. 

As experienced immigration attorneys in Miami, we at the Law Offices of Matt Person are devoted to assisting you,and your family members immigrate to the U.S. to live, pursue employment, and flourish here.

Contact an Immigration Law Firm Miami

If you require assistance from an immigration law firm in Miami, you may be uncertain of how to begin. Many firms offer legal services in a variety of fields. Some even include practicing immigration law among the areas they pursue. Offices that focus on immigration law, though, are more capable of handling this evolving legal environment. Since they specialize in this practice area, they are most likely to be current on the latest details and revisions.

Contact us at Person Law Firm for a free consultation. At Person Law Offices, we take pride in helping immigrants, families, and small business owners in Doral, Florida, and we’d love to represent you, too.

With 30 years of experience and offices in Miami and the Law Offices of Matt Person in Doral, we have lawyers who are focused on your vision, opportunities, issues, and challenges. Call today to begin your Green Card journey.


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