How can I migrate to the United States legally?

Jun 24, 2020

How can I migrate to the United States legally?

Many people who decide to migrate to other countries see in the United States a nation that offers the possibility of living and progressing thanks to favorable economic conditions for all. Therefore, thanks to its free enterprise policies, it is attractive for those who wish to start a business activity.

Like every country, there are advantages and disadvantages to living in it. Therefore, as positive aspects you will find 50 states with varied climate and landscape cities. Depending on your budget and interests you can consider each one of them.

Likewise, the perception of being one of the most powerful countries in the world, by virtue of political, civil and economic freedoms; as well as, the respect for free enterprise leads citizens of many nations to seek to settle in the nation. This results in a great ethnic and cultural variety.

However, they have rules that they apply which are not monitored and respected in other countries. For example, the payment of taxes or traffic laws, among others.

So, if you decide to immigrate to the United States you should consider the following:

In which situations can you rely on a lawyer specialized in the area? Below are some cases:


  • Find out which cities, adjusted to your budget and interests, you can select to settle in. You should evaluate: job offers that you can apply for at websites such as:, , or, . Also, the cost of housing and services, food prices, nearby schools or universities, among others
  • Look for information on how to work as a foreigner, as this will depend on your skills and/or professionalism, as well as your legal status. There are principles such as the protection of refugees and the promotion of diversity, family reunification, or the admission of immigrants who have special skills required for the economy that make it easier for the immigrants to live and work legally.
  • Find out which are the most demanded professions in the country that facilitate obtaining human resources in specialized technical areas with the H-1B visa, for example.
  • Find out about the different types of visas for either temporary residence or permanent residence, the latter being the one that will allow you to immigrate legally to the United States.

Emigrating seems complicated, but it is not if you first plan and investigate ahead of time and secondly count on qualified advice that will attend to your request with expertise and honesty.

Therefore, if you wish to have more information or clarify any doubts about the procedure to be followed, please contact us through our e-mail, our telephone numbers 786.310.7484, or through the PL&ILO networks on Instagram and Facebook, where your query will be answered free of charge. Your peace of mind and well-being is important to us.


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