Full Service Business Liquidation

Person Law Offices specializes in business windup, merger, asset maximization, liquidating trustee, and small business subchapter V consultation (SBRA). We are full service meaning we can partner with you to list your business and assets to maximize value and have the equipment sold for maximum value.

We have auction and asset appraisers to maximize your real estate and equipment value.

If you have decided to get out of business and are not able to pass your business on, merge it with another business, or sell it as a going concern, liquidating the assets could be the most appropriate exit strategy. However, before you terminate your lease, sell a key piece of equipment, or disconnect your utilities, make sure you have a well thought-out plan. If you determine that liquidating your assets is your best course of action, follow these key steps.

Scrutinize your assets

Begin by preparing a current inventory of your business assets. Try to include photographs, serial numbers, and a brief description of the condition of each item. This will prepare you for proper reporting to the IRS.

Next, Secure your merchandise.

Finally, value your Real Estate Holdings, Inventory and Equipment.  We can help to guide you on the most economical path that usually allows you to keep your business and operate!

establish the liquidation value

Liquidation value refers to the amount you can expect to recover in a forced sale situation.

Generally, this amount is at least 50 percent less than retail value. To do this, we work with qualified appraisers and auctioneers.

Ensure that a sale is worthwhile

If a liquidation sale doesn’t look worthwhile after we’ve done your calculations; there may be more appropriate exit strategies for you to pursue.

Negotiated sales in a distressed situation are desirable, but there are other paths. Logical buyers include your competitors, customers, suppliers and landlord.

For example, if you own a restaurant, your landlord may be interested in purchasing your equipment so that the premises can be rented to a new operator at a higher rate.


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