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Are you facing family law issues, a business dispute, or other legal matters? Doral, Florida, civil litigation attorneys at Person Law Offices can help.

How Can Doral Florida Civil Litigation Attorneys Help You?

Civil litigation is a legal disagreement between at least two parties that seek damages or other remedies. In a civil case, the plaintiff takes legal action against the defendant to recover damages done to them, generally through financial damages. The plaintiff can be an individual or a business. In order to begin a civil action, the plaintiff has to file a complaint describing damages or a personal injury as well as the way in which the defendant produced the damage.

We at Person Law Offices are a new kind of law firm. Our Doral FL civil litigation attorneys are experienced, patient, and professional, giving each new case the attention. With offices in Doral (in Miami Dade County in South Florida), we have conveniently located lawyers ready to focus on your issues, challenges, and future opportunities. If you aren’t sure where to begin, schedule a free consultation to get started.


A Civil Litigation Lawyer Can Represent Your Business in Court

A legal disagreement between business firms regarding a contract breach or another business dispute is called commercial litigation. Under Florida Law, a commercial litigation attorney has to represent a business in court, because a company cannot represent itself. 

These types of cases typically include hundreds of thousands of quality attorney time. Furthermore, providing the facts in a light most beneficial to the interests of the business client requires a specific and careful review of the facts. Commercial litigation cases require patience, money, and qualified experienced Doral, FL, commercial litigation attorneys to bring forward the best approach and achieve the best possible result.
At Person Law Offices, we are expert litigators with extensive expertise in several practice areas including real estate and commercial law. Our Doral, FL, civil law attorneys are also committed to helping any small business find a comprehensive solution to their financial difficulties.




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What Does a Civil Litigation Lawyer Do?

In addition to business disputes, civil litigation cases in Doral, Florida, can also include family law matters, intellectual property disputes, construction litigation, civil rights litigation, etc. It also includes landlord-tenant management law and disputes that can vary from problems with payments to eviction.

Whether you’re seeking assistance with navigating the immigration process or exploring your options to avoid bankruptcy, our civil law attorneys have the skills, experience, and track record to handle your case with the highest standards of diligence and professionalism.


A Civil Litigation Attorney Explains: Basic Steps in the Civil Suit Process

The Civil Court in Miami-Dade County operates on two levels: Circuit Court and County Court. The Circuit Court has jurisdiction for disputes where the amount of damages sought is over $30,000, and the County Court has jurisdiction over actions where damages range from $8,001 to $30,000.

In Miami, FL, there is also a Small Claims Court that includes a simplified court process for disputes of $8,000 or less.

Some of the basic steps in the process include:

  • Pleadings (the plaintiff files a complaint and a defendant can submit a reply);
  • Discovery (both parties gathering information to support their arguments);
  • Trial (if the dispute is not resolved, the parties go to trial before a judge or jury);
  • Appeal (a party can appeal the decision).

Our Doral FL Civil Litigation Firm Is at Your Service

If you are facing divorce, separation, child custody disputes, or need help understanding your rights in a family law case, we can help. Let trusted Doral, FL, civil litigation attorneys at our law firm evaluate your situation and develop a solution that best fits the needs of all involved.

Pay Attention at the Statute of Limitation and Consult Civil Lawsuit Lawyers in Time

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When it comes to civil cases, the plaintiff has to decide if he or she is going to file a claim in a timely matter. Florida’s law states that the statute of limitations — that is, the time you have to file a suit — ranges from two to five years. The time limit you have depends on the type of case or procedure.

For example, the statute of limitations for a case regarding breach of a written contract is five years. On the other hand, an individual has two years to file for an action to recover wages.

If you’re dealing with civil law matters from business disputes to family law questions, it’s in your best interest to contact skillful Doral, FL, civil litigation attorneys like those at Person Law Offices. No matter your legal issue, our firm is here to help set you forward on the path to success. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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