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The Doral, Florida Business Law Attorneys at Person Law Offices are committed to helping companies find the best solution to their legal disputes.

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When starting a business in Doral, FL, Miami, FL, or any South Florida city, there are lots of important elements that can lead to the success or failure of your venture. For example, every business should hire an accounting professional and a company law firm from the start. That way, you can make sure that all the necessary legal documents and standard business procedures are put in place from the start to avoid disputes and problems later on. Although new businesses may be extra concerned about their expenses, investing in professional assistance is a good way to ensure that the owner’s assets are protected in the long run. 

Doral FL business law firm Person Law Offices is experienced, patient, and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves. With offices in Doral (in Miami Dade County in South Florida), our law firm has conveniently located attorneys ready to focus on your legal issues, as well as future opportunities. If you aren’t sure where to begin, schedule a free consultation to get started.

Doral Florida Business Law Attorneys are Here to Help


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Every Company Should Have a Business Law Lawyer

Today, having a company requires careful planning. For example, understanding insurance costs, legal issues and liabilities, and finding a way to reduce taxes can help a company strengthen its position in the marketplace. 

However, despite all your planning, disputes may arise in the course of the company’s existence. There are a wide variety of disputes that can lead to a lawsuit, such as breach of contract, construction lawsuits, employee-employer relationship disputes, intellectual property litigation, real estate litigation, etc.

Also, when buying or selling a company, there are specific steps that must be taken. Among other business areas, Person Law Offices specializes in business windup, business legal issues, mergers, and acting as a liquidating trustee. We are a full-service business liquidation law firm, and we can partner with you to list your business and assets to maximize its value.  

Our attorneys, serving Doral, FL, as well as Miami Dade County, Florida, are committed to helping any small company find a comprehensive solution to their financial difficulties. 

Your Business Law Attorney and Dispute Resolution

Your Corporate Attorney and Dispute Resolution

Things happen, and even the best business plans can’t protect a company from disputes. Although our attorneys can help you create systems to avoid employment or business transaction issues, some conflicts may occur. If they do, reach out to us. Our litigation lawyers are respected for their skills in the courtroom and at the mediation table.

In addition to business disputes, the Doral, FL attorneys at Person Law Offices are skillful litigators with extensive expertise in several practice areas including real estate law, commercial litigation, landlord-tenant management law, and family law legal issues.

They are also experienced in civil litigation where the plaintiff seeks financial recovery for damages or personal injury he or she suffered. Let the trusted staff at our law firm evaluate your situation and develop a solution that best fits the needs of all involved.


What Does a Business Lawyer Do?

Our Doral, Florida lawyers have one goal: to help you achieve your business plans. We can provide legal representation at every stage of your company’s existence. When advising a company in Miami, Florida, our lawyers help clients see the long-term impact one decision can have on their company.

Whether you search legal advice or assistance with navigating your business venture in Miami, Florida, or exploring your options after being sued in commercial litigation, our attorneys have the skills, experience, and track record to handle your case with the highest standards of diligence and professionalism. If you need help understanding your rights, we can help.

Doral, FLORIDA Small Business Attorney and Unemployment

The goal of any business is to be successful. However, sometimes that is not up to the owner, and there are cases when even the most successful businesses require help. The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) is extending its disaster loan programs to businesses and nonprofits, including charitable organizations impacted by COVID-19. Businesses can qualify regardless of whether they have suffered property damage and can use the funds to help meet working capital needs and cover operating expenses as they recover from the pandemic’s impact.

The SBA said that its Office of Disaster Assistance would coordinate with state or territory governors to submit requests for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) assistance and Payroll Protection Program (PPP) lending. Once a declaration is made, the information on the application process for Economic Injury Disaster Loan assistance will be made available to affected small businesses within that area. There are also renters and mortgage relief for tenants and landlords.

We can guide you through all business and unemployment needs during the disaster and shutdown. Call us today and schedule a free consultation.

Eligibility for Loan Programs

Your business must be experiencing a loss related to COVID-19 in order to be eligible for the loan. The business receiving the loan must be deemed a Small Business based on the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code, annual receipts, and the average number of people employed per pay period.

According to SBA’s guide to the size and affiliation rules, when calculating the size of your business, you must include the annual receipts and employees of your domestic and foreign affiliates, regardless of whether the affiliates are organized for profit.

Current SBA loans will not preclude an applicant from being eligible for Disaster Relief Loans; however, businesses need to be in good standing with the SBA. Applicants may not be eligible if they have not complied with the terms of previous SBA loans. The SBA must find that applicants have an acceptable credit history.

In order to apply for the loan, several documents are required, including: 

  • The application (SBA Form 5), completed and signed.​
  • Tax Information Authorization (IRS Form 4506T) completed and signed by each applicant.​
  • Complete copies, including all schedules, of the most recent federal income tax returns for each principal owning 20% or more, each general partner or managing member, and each affiliate when any owner has more than 50% ownership in the affiliate business.​
  • Personal Financial Statement (SBA Form 413) completed, signed, and dated by the applicant(s).​
  • Schedule of Liabilities listing all fixed debts (SBA Form 2202 may be used).

Additional financial information may be required if requested.

Funding and How to Use It

Funds made available must be used for certain purposes. Acceptable purposes include working capital, paying fixed debts, payroll, accounts payable, and paying other bills that could have been paid had the disaster not occurred.

There are also other important information company owners should be aware of: 

  1. Loan Limits: The statutory limit of SBA loans is $2 million. The amount of each loan is further limited to the economic injury determined by SBA after subtracting business interruption insurance and other capital recoveries up to the administrative lending limit.

  1. Interest Rate: The interest rate for small businesses is 3.75%, and for private nonprofit organizations is 2.75%. 

  1. Maximum Loan Term: 30 years; however, terms are determined on a case-by-case basis based on each borrower’s ability to repay.

  1. Collateral: The SBA requires collateral for all loans over $25,000. Real estate is acceptable as collateral. SBA has said it will not decline a loan for lack of collateral, but it will require the borrower to pledge collateral that is available.

  1. Economic Injury: If applying for disaster declarations related to the coronavirus outbreak, only select “Economic Injury” when inquiring about your business losses.

If you’re dealing with business legal issues, disputes or other commercial law or commercial litigation matters, it’s in your best interest to contact experienced Doral, FL, attorneys like those at Person Law Offices. No matter your legal issue, our firm is here to help set you forward on the path to success.


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